41 recipe videos on one infinite table to showCASE the simplicity of campbell's kitchen.

Given that RAIN was behind a complete overhaul of the Campbell's Kitchen ecosystem and overhead recipe videos had become an understood language, our approach to offer hero videos for their website recipes looked to build upon that existing construct, but make it ladder up to the overall brand goal of answering "what's for dinner?"

It became my task to create a production approach where raw ingredients could go to finished plated recipes in one seamless 30-90 second shot. Working with HONE Studio, I developed a modular table system that could adapt to any recipe, created a post process that could integrate graphics through tracking and data export, and then directed what was an incredibly complicated exercise in timing. When you begin to consider open burners that need to melt butter (but not burn it), pots that need to be boiling (but not burn someone), hands that need to carry ingredients to the right while an overhead camera is moving, and ingredients that need to be ready and waiting either as raw or cooked (but not looking like they had sat around for 15 minutes), one continuous shot becomes a challenging circus maneuver.

I planned, directed, and oversaw the post completion of all 41 videos, which you can now find on

Director, Producer & Post Supervisor
Nathan Breton

Creative Director
Andy Sheffield

Culinary Producer
Clare Hone

Food Stylist
Mary Anne

Director of Photography
Colin Thornton

Alex Fischer


Hone Studio