Overslept is currently in submission for Festivals. To view, please shoot a quick note to and I will send you the password.

OVERSLEPT is the first film in the countdown short film series, created by Nathan breton and Joseph Killeen.

COUNTDOWN is an ongoing short film anthology, made up of films with separate worlds and characters, sharing only storytelling devices in common. Information presented at the beginning along with an on-screen countdown clock plays with audience expectations and reveals key information about characters, all within 3-6 minutes.

Working with key collaborators of Joseph Killeen (writer), Eric Brown (sound), Andi Obarski (cinematography), Nikolai Bassarich (assistant director), and many others, I direct and produce a short film every month, with intention of straight-to-online delivery at monthly intervals.

The first four films are slated to release in November 2017.

See the full series at

Director & Producer
Nathan Breton

Joseph Killeen

Andi Obarski

Eric Brown

Samantha Glovin

Assistant Director
Nikolai Bassarich

Cassandra Clark

Matt Hopkins