Warner BroS // Scooby Doo for Amazon Alexa

Alexa, open Scooby Doo

"Scooby dooby doo... where are you? Would you like to solve a mystery?"


"Great. I'm too scared to go along,but the narrator will be there to guide you along the way..."

A haunted mansion full of mysteries—MADE ACCESSIBLE THROUGH interactive voice technology and the cast of scooby doo—A lA 1950's RADIO PLAY.

When Warner Brothers came to RAIN—an industry leader in voice technology—I saw their idea as a dream project that only comes around every once in a blue moon. Working with co-writer Jaclyn Gramigna and voice user experience expert Matthew Parkin, I led the formulation of what felt like new form of storytelling. I wanted a completely immersive mystery-solving experience that felt horizon-less and placed story agency within the audience's minds. While Alexa may introduce you at the beginning to the Narrator (played by Maurice Lamarche, "The Brain" in Animaniacs) she won't make any more appearances unless The Narrator's re-prompts can't help you get back on track.

Despite the challenges of a mono-experience, I wanted kids to feel the ambient changes as they passed through rooms of the Mayhew Mansion or the whipping branches as Scooby darts through the haunted maze—just as much as I wanted Velma to have an ironic side-bar with the Narrator to keep those adults smiling in the room. Although the average experience lasts around 30-45 minutes, we created over 72 minutes of final, immersive sound design narrative.

Recorded at Studiopolis in LA over the course of two weeks, I had the opportunity to direct an incredible cast that brought WB's, RAIN's, and my visions to life. 

Creative Director
Nathan Breton

Script Adapted By
Jaclyn Gramigna & Nathan Breton

Eric Brown

Casting Director
Dawn Hershey-Lopes

Maurice LaMarche - Narrator
Kate Micucci - Velma
Mathew Lillard - Shaggy
Frank Welker - Fred & Scooby
Grey Griffin - Daphne
Debi Derriberry - Tour Guide
Ian James Corlett - Security Guard


User Experience & Voice Development
Matthew Parkin
Bradley Gregory
Octavio Menocal

Voice Dev Project Manager
Tim Xumsai

WB Product Team
Ashley Woodhall
Adam Bodenstein
Josh Hackbarth